Introducing GetMet

Metallic particles in soft tissue and bone, such as screws, wires, and other foreign metal bodies, can be a serious concern not only for the patient, causing discomfort, irritation, and infection, but also for the surgeon dealing with these issues. Currently, the only widely available tool for detecting these metallic particles is an X-ray machine, which is inconvenient and cumbersome to use, expensive to purchase and maintain, and exposes the patient and employees to radiation. After years of meticulous research and development, the GetMet is now here to provide a modern solution to this problem.

Case Studies
“A serious vaginal rupture during delivery – the midwife broke the suture needle. I was called to look for the needle – I was given an exact description of the site of the needle. After half an hour of searching in vain, I remembered my colleagues´ GetMet device. I put it into a sterile operating glove and started to search again. After two minutes the detector found the needle fragment elsewhere. I made a small incision and retrieved the broken needle (about 5 mm in length).”

– C-M Löfhjelm, gynaecologist

Introducing GetMet Mark II
GetMet accurately detects all types of metals, including titanium and rust-resistant metals. It can be used in first aid to remove metal objects from the body, such as bullets, splinters, nails, metal chips & pins. It can also be utilised in more complicated surgery, such as a laparotomy or a thoracotomy. A common use for the GetMet is in the removal of material used in the osteosynthesis of fractures, such as metallic plates, screws, Kirschner pins and Cerclage wires. Military, crisis and vet use benefit from the use of GetMet.


Product information
Ortotec Finland
Ortotec Finland, was founded 20 years ago as Jyväskylän Ortotekniikka Oy. The purpose OF is to manufacture and sell GetMet, which is a clinical metal detector designed for detecting metal parts in tissue. Over 50 GetMet Mark I devices were sold to Nordic hospitals. Now with the introduction of the significantly improved GetMet Mark II we are pursuing new markets & business opportunities.
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