Ortotec Finland


Ortotec Finland, formerly known as Jyväskylän Ortotekniikka Oy was first established 20 years ago. The sole purpose of the business has been to produce and sell GetMet, which is a clinical metal detector designed for detecting metal parts in tissue and bone. GetMet Mark I successfully launched in the Nordic with over 50 devices sold to Nordic hospitals. Now with the introduction of the significantly improved GetMet Mark II we are pursuing international markets and business opportunities.

GetMet was created to detect metal pieces in the human body, such as screws, bolts, and metal plates, which are commonly used to treat fractures. Often as the bone heals following surgery, the used metal parts would be removed, sometimes years after the operation. The human body forms strong scar tissue around metal, making it difficult to detect metal pieces after months or years.

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Leo Österback

Dr. Med, Orthopaedic Surgeon, PhD Sports Medicine

Innovator & Owner of GetMet


Nikke Osterback

COO (Sales, Partnerships & Marketing)

Olli Osterback

Medical Doctor, Surgeon

Leo Osterback

Founder & Owner, Dr. Med, Orthopaedic Surgeon, PhD Sports Medicine

Ritva Osterback


Markku Kataja