Our Work in Ukraine

GetMet by Ortotec Finland

Since the breakout of the 2022 war in Ukraine, Ortotec Finland has actively donated and sold 38 GetMet devices for use in the frontline. Surgeons and other medical professionals use GetMet devices to detect and remove shrapnelbullets and a multitude of other metal parts across over 12 locations in Ukraine including Kyiv Emergency Hospital, Odessa Military Hospital and Slavjansk field hospital.

Leo Österback [Ortotec Finland Founder] wondered about the neighbour’s problem almost 30 years ago – now the invention of a family business from Jyväskylä is helping Ukrainian soldiers” – Heikki Kärki reports for Keskisuomalainen Oyj.

Notable Milestones & Media Coverage

  • Efforts in Finland have resulted into €18500 of funds raised to send further GetMet devices to Ukraine.
  • Founder Leo Osterback speaks to Keskisuomalainen Oyj newspaper discussing donations of GetMet devices to Ukraine.
  • AlfaTV reports & broadcasts Ortotec Finland efforts on national TV. GetMet is showcased as a useful innovation that helps save lives in Ukraine.
  • Watch our Ukraine coverage and use cases on our Youtube channel

GetMet Feedback in Ukraine

From our experience, it is more than needed at the front line… It is very good to know if there is a fragment there, rather than poking around with your fingers and looking for it by touching. So, thank you, guys, very much, together we are unbeatable!” – Genadiy Druzenko, Head of the 1st Volunteer Mobile Hospital (Autumn 2022)

’’And we also thank you, Finnish people, for this small but very useful equipment.’’ – Genadiy Druzenko (Leader Operations Big Medical Volunteer project since ‘14). Pirogov First Volunteer Mobile Hospital

’’It’s good that we can see in which area the fragment is located. With the help of x-rays, we confirm the presence, and then it will be possible to search locally.  Because there is no portable X-ray using which we would be able to take multiple pictures. It would be very useful. We point and see the approximate localization from the magnet. Because we took x-rays and we know approximately where.’’ – Slavjansk Surgeon

“Very easy to use. Thanks a lot.” – Slavjansk Surgeon (Autumn 2022)

To broaden our efforts we are currently working with charity organisations such as Ukrainan Hätä, UMAUK (Ukrainian Medical Association of the UK) and Hospitallers and determined to continue our effort to send more devices to Ukraine. For this purpose, we are now seeking donations to send devices worth €250,000 to Ukraine where we will match 50% of the cost through Ortotec Finland. All devices sold will be matched by us donating 50% of the costs including logistics and support. To complete our effort in 2024 we are collecting a total of €125,000 in charitable donations, enabling us to send a further 50 devices to Ukraine.

GetMet continues to receive positive feedback in terms of the device capabilities but also for the practical use of GetMet in challenging field conditions. Now and in the future, Ortotec Finland are committed to distributing more devices to Ukraine where our promise is to cover 50% of device costs as a donation. The value of our investment to the Ukraine war is currently over €95.000. Many of the devices were sent through fundraising efforst with our partners and private individuals.