A revolution in medical metal detection.

The GetMet uses inductive sensing technology to detect metallic objects by a localised electromagnetic field. The GetMet does not create ionising radiation. GetMet features a highly visible round-shaped bar graph-style LED display as well as a voice indicator that signals detection level.

GetMet is battery operated (2 x AAA batteries) with the battery voltage internally stabilised for a long and problem-free operational time. When powered on, the GetMet is ready to use within a few seconds. There are three detection sensitivity ranges to choose from.

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Jorma Huuhtanen

Member of Finnish Parliament / Former Minister of Social Affairs and Health

“A new device for identifying metal implants and objects from the human body has been developed in Jyväskylä, Finland. The apparatus (GetMet) is especially designed to assist in removing implants and metal fragments from soft tissue and bone. It is highly appropriate for first aid purposes and especially for removing metal used in osteosynthesis of fractures. 

The product is an excellent innovation in the field of surgery. Using this device it is possible to reduce operating times, place surgical incisions correctly and speed up recovery. This product reduces the need for X-ray imaging and the use of a transilluminator.

I believe that the product is of value in both first aid surgery and elective surgery when searching for metal implants or other metal objects. One obvious field of application is military and field hospitals. The product seems to have the potential for international success.”

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